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Educational / Institutional​

Educational / Institutional​

Educational/Institutional Facilities
Administrators of colleges, libraries and other institutional facilities serving the public often face difficult demands. The physical design and philosophical nature of many institutions require that the public has easy and convenient access to public areas and private rooms, as well as restrooms;  however, this high-traffic volume makes it difficult to maintain the appearance of these institutions throughout the day. 

Providing a clean environment makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable.  It promotes the image of your institution.  OCM custodians are carefully hired and then required to complete a training program specifically designed for your institution’s needs.  After successfully completing this program, our custodians are then sent out into the field to provide you with the showcase appearance that your institution must portray all of the time.

At OCM, we understand that high-traffic environments make it necessary for a custodial team to be sensitive to public needs by exhibiting interpersonal skills, critical observation abilities, and a professional appearance.  Our training programs and strong management support allow our trustworthy teams to provide you with this quality service before, during, and after your hours of operation. 

Allow OCM to keep your institution consistently clean, to benefit the hundreds of people each day who frequent your establishment, and to promote increased productivity for your staff.

For more information about the experience our company has had effectively serving institutional facilities, or to set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss your facility’s custodial needs, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.