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Company History

Company History

Ohio Support Services was formed in 1978 to meet the need for a higher quality security service by some large companies in Central Ohio area.  In order to keep bid rates low, security guard contractors were minimizing costs by not screening applicants, providing little or no training, paying minimum or near minimum wages, providing little site supervision and the supervision provided was not high quality.  The customers wanted a program that secured their assets, employees and customers from harm, without their own management staff having to constantly become involved in guard operations.

John Tucker worked for a large security guard provider who operated on the same principles as the other companies.  Attempts to persuade his company to improve the quality to the level customers desired and deserved were not successful.

As a result, he formed Ohio Support Services.  The initial contract that OSS was awarded was for a two million square foot facility with over 1500 employees.  Thirty officers were assigned to that facility alone.  Graciously, we still service that client today, as well as many other national, regional and local companies and organizations. 

There is no magic to OSS’s growth and success.  We simply screen potential employees thoroughly, train them well before taking over duties, instill in them our high company standards, supervise them constantly and fairly, and provide them above average pay and benefits.  This results in OSS providing a service where the client can spend their time on other duties, rather than the guard force operations.  OSS was created to serve the quality-focused security market and we work everyday to improve our product to create a positive experience for every client.

As a result of consistent application of the above principles, OSS has grown to be a leader in the security industry.  The OSS management team has been and continues to be leaders in local, state and national organizations.

Scott Tucker assumed the role of President of the company in 2003 after working for OSS in a variety of positions for more than ten years.  Scott continues to maintain company focus on providing the highest quality security officer programs, so that the OSS team will continually meet the needs of our customers.